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I find it easier to understand diagrams rather than words. This PowerPoint presentation is my second attempt to represent Question 1 in diagrammatic form. The presentation shows the first cycle in the...
03-17-2013 629 Download
File Size 655.8kB
This file shows you how to analyse functional dependencies in order to find keys. You watch a 10 minute video (link in the document) and then use the analysis sheet.
02-12-2013 500 Download
File Size 109.2kB
This presentation was developed to answer a student's question about transactions in the "Introduction to Databases" course run by Professor Jennifer Widom of Stanford University in California...
03-12-2013 265 Download
File Size 774.9kB
I get a much better understanding of things when I use diagrams rather than words. This PowerPoint slide is my attempt to represent Question 1 in diagrammatic form. I know that this diagram is not complete...
03-12-2013 262 Download
File Size 99.9kB
table image
01-21-2013 228 Download
File Size 11.4kB
This image shows a schema that represents the data that is stored in an Excel spreadsheet that was shown by DeniseD on the database course run by Stanford University.
01-29-2013 223 Download
File Size 72.4kB
This is the DDL for the "stanford" database that is used in the online Database course taught by Prof Jennifer Widom of Stanford University (CA). The zip file contains two files: One is the original...
01-30-2013 210 Download
File Size 2kB
Read the original formalization of ORM. Terry Halpin wrote this thesis in 1989 using good old WordStar and a tailor-made driver to print all the symbols on an old dot matrix printer. That is why we only...
11-23-2007 210 Download
File Size 17.8MB
Shows the data types and value ranges for the integer data types in SQL Server 2012
01-23-2013 202 Download
File Size 71.5kB
This is the message that I get when I browse to the clss2go website (6 & 7 February)
02-07-2013 190 Download
File Size 40.6kB
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