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Abstract: With the ever-changing dynamic Information and Communications Technology environment and the new shared deployment options for computing, a paradigm shift is occurring that enables ubiquitous...
09-23-2013 297 Download
File Size 1.4MB
Using Object Role Modeling in a Service-oriented Data Integration Project Presentation of a paper by: Ilkka Melleri, Aalto University School of Science and Technology (Finland) Abstract . Communication...
10-29-2010 293 Download
File Size 1.3MB
Abstract: Fact-oriented modeling approaches such as Object-Role Modeling (ORM) validate their models with domain experts by verbalizing the models in natural language, and by populating the relevant fact...
10-03-2012 289 Download
File Size 1.1MB
Abstract: This paper describes a method used in a real-life case of a legacy database migration. The difficulty of the case lies in the fact that the legacy application to be replaced has to remain fully...
11-20-2012 288 Download
File Size 965.5kB
NOTE: File updated on 26 July 2010. The corrupted pdf file has been replaced with a pps file . Serge Valera (European Space Agency) with Terry Halpin(NORMA), Matt Curland(NORMA) & Inge Lemmens(PNA...
11-11-2009 288 Download
File Size 533kB
ORM and MDM/MMS Integration in an Enterprise Level Conceptual Data Model Necito dela Cruz, Boston Scientific Corporation (USA) Patricia Schiefelbein, Boston Scientific Corporation (USA) Kris Anderson,...
10-29-2010 280 Download
File Size 881.3kB
Abstract: In this paper we will focus on the interplay of mandatory role and set-comparison (equality-, subset- and exclusion-) constraints in fact based modeling. We will present an algorithm that can...
10-03-2012 272 Download
File Size 1.1MB
This is the programme for the International Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling held in Hersonissou, Crete, Greece October 27-29 , 2020. This year we have contributors from Finland, The Netherlands, Indonesia...
10-27-2010 259 Download
File Size 47.5kB
Call for Papers: ORM 2013: International Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling This workshop will take place in Graz, Austria, September 11-13, 2013 The workshop is to be held in conjunction with OTM’2013...
03-06-2013 255 Download
File Size 66kB
The Graphity Tool for Fact-Oriented Modeling Misja Nabben and Arnoud van Bers (HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands) Note: This is a PDF presentation in standard Zip format
10-29-2010 253 Download
File Size 1.4MB
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