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This is the program for the ORM 2012 Workshop to be held in Rome between October 12 and October 14 2012.
08-31-2012 445 Download
File Size 49kB
VisioModeler is an easy to use (and free but unsupported) ORM tool. Note - VisioModeler does not run under Vista. This file contains a VisoModeler user-guide. This document was prepared by Terry Halpin...
04-28-2008 444 Download
File Size 311.6kB
A Metamodel for Master Data Baba Piprani, MetaGlobal Systems (Canada) Suneil Dham, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada) Abstract . The term ‘Master Data' brings up different...
10-29-2010 442 Download
File Size 1.1MB
ORM LITE is a light-weight, open-source ORM tool that implements most of the ORM 2 notation. New features: Kimball-style dimensional data warehouse design Larger models (with hundreds of tables and thousands...
11-27-2012 416 Download
File Size 8.6MB
Release 31 December 2013. This version supersedes all previous versions. This version of NORMA is for use with Visual Studio 2005 standard or above. NOTE: NORMA does not work with Visual Studio Express...
09-21-2010 412 Download
File Size 8.1MB
This is an example of how to use ORM to define the concepts shown in Figure 11.1 in the SBVR standard. Note - this is not complete - it is an example of the principles.
04-21-2008 403 Download
File Size 51kB
Abstract . Business process modeling is currently receiving a great deal of attention from both the business and the technical communities. Many processes modeling approaches have been proposed, but these...
12-03-2007 394 Download
File Size 1.3MB
Abstract: Data schemas are an important part of the software design process. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the lingua franca in current software engineering practice, and UML class diagrams are...
10-03-2012 392 Download
File Size 356.7kB
Abstract The object-role model (ORM) data structure can be represented in the unified modeling language (UML) using the five fact encoding constructs: class attribute, association, association class, sub...
04-23-2008 389 Download
File Size 470.1kB
Abstract: The problem of database reengineering stems from (legacy) databases that are hard to understand (incorrect-, incomplete- or missing semantics) or that perform inefficiently.Reengineering is often...
10-03-2012 388 Download
File Size 142.7kB
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