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Abstract: In this paper we will focus on the interplay of mandatory role and set-comparison (equality-, subset- and exclusion-) constraints in fact based modeling. We will present an algorithm that can...
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Abstract: Data schemas are an important part of the software design process. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the lingua franca in current software engineering practice, and UML class diagrams are...
10-03-2012 408 Download
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Abstract . Companies are continually striving to reduce issues leading to failed projects and the costs associated with them. The use and collaboration of business process mapping and ORM data modeling...
10-03-2012 391 Download
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Abstract. This paper introduces ORM2plus – a new linear syntax and complete semantics expressed in first order logic of ORM2 – which can be shown correctly embedding the original proposal. A provably correct...
10-03-2012 310 Download
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ORM LITE is a light-weight, open-source ORM tool that implements most of the ORM 2 notation. This new release features a completely redesigned user interface. New features include: a completely rewritten...
10-01-2011 11 Download
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A version of the IT Management data model that does not require NORMA or Visual Studio to read.
10-21-2011 202 Download
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Abstract . With all the modernistic web based tools available today, it is ironic that managing a security program in an organization is often relegated to a paper-pencil exercise using outdated information...
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Abstract . A data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, non-volatile, and time variant collection of data in support of management's decisions. Dimensional modeling is a design technique used...
10-26-2011 53 Download
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Abstract . In the past, numerous ways have been presented of mapping Object Role Modeling (ORM) conceptual schemas to relational logical schemas. However, mapping to hierarchical logical schemas has received...
10-26-2011 39 Download
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Abstract: The use of Access 97 and Excel 2003 workbooks led to a high risk environment for the Global Supply functional pillar within Boston Scientific. Without making a change to the current system, Boston...
10-26-2011 18 Download
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