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Abstract: Business processes define workflow dependencies inside an industry and/or organization. Business processes drive machines and people, and use business data to function properly. By systematically...
09-23-2013 1,062 Download
File Size 299.6kB
Abstract: Object-Role Modeling (ORM) allows composite reference schemes for object types to be portrayed using either objectification (in the sense of situational nominalization) or coreference (as defined...
09-23-2013 276 Download
File Size 415.8kB
Abstract: The introduction of a provably correct encoding of a fragment of ORM2 (called ORM2 zero ) into a decidable fragment of OWL2 , opened the doors for the definition of dedicated reasoning technologies...
09-23-2013 263 Download
File Size 916.7kB
This is the presentation that Terry Halpin used to introduce the ORM 2013 workshop in Graz, Austria.
09-23-2013 334 Download
File Size 958.8kB
Version 22 adds three enhancements more-or-less recently made to ORM2 uniqueness-constraint shapes; they are accessible here via the shape's context menu: 1) for external uniqueness constraints, setting...
08-14-2013 62 Download
File Size 1.6MB
This video shows how to generate DDL for SQL Server. Note - I'm working on several video tutorials for NORMA. This file is one of my experimental test files. Please let me know if it helps and how...
06-21-2013 236 Download
File Size 10MB
I find it easier to understand diagrams rather than words. This PowerPoint presentation is my second attempt to represent Question 1 in diagrammatic form. The presentation shows the first cycle in the...
03-17-2013 752 Download
File Size 655.8kB
This presentation was developed to answer a student's question about transactions in the "Introduction to Databases" course run by Professor Jennifer Widom of Stanford University in California...
03-12-2013 402 Download
File Size 774.9kB
I get a much better understanding of things when I use diagrams rather than words. This PowerPoint slide is my attempt to represent Question 1 in diagrammatic form. I know that this diagram is not complete...
03-12-2013 398 Download
File Size 99.9kB
Call for Papers: ORM 2013: International Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling This workshop will take place in Graz, Austria, September 11-13, 2013 The workshop is to be held in conjunction with OTM’2013...
03-06-2013 327 Download
File Size 39.5kB
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