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Abstract . A data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, non-volatile, and time variant collection of data in support of management's decisions. Dimensional modeling is a design technique used...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 51 Download
File Size 338kB
Abstract . In the past, numerous ways have been presented of mapping Object Role Modeling (ORM) conceptual schemas to relational logical schemas. However, mapping to hierarchical logical schemas has received...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 38 Download
File Size 3.8MB
Abstract: The use of Access 97 and Excel 2003 workbooks led to a high risk environment for the Global Supply functional pillar within Boston Scientific. Without making a change to the current system, Boston...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 19 Download
File Size 424.1kB
Abstract . Orchestration and Choreography often form the fundamental backbone for delivery of services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In a service based application environment, services need...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 15 Download
File Size 1.4MB
Abstract : This paper describes the enterprise wide use of ORM to drive individual project development through requirements, design, construction, and implementation process using SDLC practices within...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 30 Download
File Size 3MB
This is a presentation of the Collibra ontology modeling tool. Presenter: Christophe DeBruyne, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) Note: The original file is a 9MB PDF file. This has been compressed using...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 20 Download
File Size 5.6MB
Abstract . In this paper we will address the conceptual schema design procedure (CSDP) in fact-based modeling. We will focus on the modeling procedure of ‘cook-book' for deriving set-comparison constraints...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 12 Download
File Size 968kB
Abstract . We report on the development of a prototype dialogue game for FCO-IM. Dialogue games are systems for executing controlled conversations. As part of an ongoing effort to analyze and support collaborative...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 15 Download
File Size 2.7MB
Abstract: A semantic decision table (SDT) is a decision table properly annotated with domain ontologies. In this paper, we focus on validation and verification issues (V&V) for SDT. We use Semantic...
Wed, Oct 26 2011 19 Download
File Size 948.2kB
This is the agenda that was used at ORM 2011
Wed, Oct 26 2011 17 Download
File Size 48kB
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