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zip NORMA for Visual Studio 2008 (Published 31 December 2013)

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Date Added: 11-21-2008

Release 31 December 2013. This version supersedes all previous versions.

This version of NORMA is for use with Visual Studio 2008 standard or above.

NOTE: NORMA does not work with Visual Studio Express.

Many thanks to Matt Curland for his hard work in creating this release.

This release adds 9 new features, improves 3 existing features and fixes 13 bugs:

New features
Duplicate Reading Signature Validation:
Ensures that all readings with role-player names are unique within a model.

Value Comparison Constraints:
Value comparison constraints are used to enforce an ordering (or equality or inequality) over two related role players

Cardinality Constraints:
Cardinality constraints specify restrictions on the total number of instances of an object type in model population

Error Display Menus:
Help to identify the source of errors

Select In Group:
An element can now be selected inside its group

SQL Server "Date" Data Types:
The {Date, Time, Date & Time, Auto Timestamp} temporal data types now map to the {date, time, datetime, rowversion} data types in SQL Server

Improved Error Validation menu in the NORMA context menu:

New Custom Properties Functions that support adding properties to Groups and to value comparison and cardinality constraints.    

New zoom features


Functions stabilized

Role name shape display functions stabilized
Multiple identity generation inhibited
Improvements to code generator to handle non-standard and duplicate names


Bugs Fixed

1.     Stopped "index out of range" exception when changing object types with sample populations
2.     Sample population errors now automatically cleared
3.     Stopped XML schema violation error on database import
4.     Value range shape is now shown in certain objectified fact types
5.     Frequency constraint changes are now correctly redrawn
6.     Nested shapes now re-created correctly (VS 2005 & VS 2008 only)
7.     Model error function is now correctly re-activated after a file reload
8.     Note & description editors now correctly synchronised during undo/redo
9.     Fixed file serialization failure on large models (VS2012)
10.  Fact type name generation now correctly handles  non-standard object type names
11.  Improved performance when changing display options in Tools/ORM Designer page for large models
12.  Fixed ORM Generator Settings dialog crash on removal of last generation target
13.  Extra roles are now deleted from a fact type when using the Fact Editor to reduce the number of roles      

Full details are in the readme file that is included in the .zip file

Summary Installation notes:

Extract the zip file to a separate folder before running setup.bat.
Before running setup, you should shut down all Visual Studio instances.

You must run setup.bat using administrative permissions on Vista, Windows7, and later operating systems

Setup.bat will uninstall any existing version of NORMA and then install the new code.

Tests show that the uninstall/install process can take up to three minutes on a PC with an i7 CPU with 8GB RAM and an SSD.

For Windows 7, use Setup.bat.



SimonLucy said:

Although the README implies that NORMA can be installed on VS 2005, the msi itself does a version check and only installs on VS 2008.
07-11-2010 8:02

jimmyzimms said:

Any word on a VS 2010 version?
10-16-2010 13:41

ronmcf said:

Matt, I've downloaded and started using NORMA for VS 2008. I've decided to use it in a course I'm teaching that starts January 2011.
11-21-2010 23:03

Ken Evans said:

Comments placed here are not emailed to the team. Please post comments and questions in the appropriate Forum. Thanks Ken
01-02-2011 12:51
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