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ppt NORMA Tutorial 1 - Updated 8 January 2017

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Posted By: Ken Evans Views: 13,154
Date Added: Tue, Oct 21 2008

This tutorial shows you how to

  • Install NORMA
  • Enter a simple model using ORM
  • Generate a relational view of the object-role model
  • Generate the SQL DDL that can be used to generate a physical database.
  • Generate other code

This tutorial was updated on 1 September 2016

This new version adds the following items:
* Installing Visual Studio

*  How to display uniqueness constraints below predicate shapes in NORMA.

All screenshots have been updated to show NORMA running in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition in Windows 10. 

Thanks to Terry Halpin for this update.


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Rowena Parsons said:

This is the best tutorial I have ever worked through! Everything just works.... :)
Tue, Feb 5 2013 6:37

hswami said:

I am unable to open the updated archive. It doesn't appear to follow the ZIP file format.
Fri, Oct 7 2016 0:14

marcbeckers said:

same problem as hswami
Wed, Oct 19 2016 14:45

krister.kilponen said:

The NORMA Tutorlal 1 zip file is corrupted. It will not open
Sun, Nov 27 2016 17:59

DataDude said:

The associated file - is still corrupted
Wed, Nov 30 2016 19:54

Ken Evans said:

I have replaced the corrupted zip file with a standard ppt file.
Sun, Jan 8 2017 10:42
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