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ppt NORMA Tutorial 2 - Updated 27 June

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Posted By: Ken Evans Views: 2,966
Date Added: 10-21-2008

This tutorial provides revision for Unary and Binary fact types and then explains the following:   

  • Ternary Fact Types
  • Inclusive-Or Constraints
  • External Uniqueness Constraints
  • Value constraints
  • Derived fact types
  • Renaming Pages

This updated tutorial was uploaded on 27 June 2009

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djvdhoven said:

Using latest version 1.0.1204.6624 2012-04CTP with VS Pro 2010, following instructions on slide 19, there is no option to add a DerivationRule to the unary fact type “Cinema is multiplex”. Any ideas?
12-04-2012 8:49

maubrey said:

See the response from Dr. Halpin here: 'In the free public domain version of NORMA, you can only enter derivation rules informally, hence the new term "DerivationNote" instead of "Derivation Rule"' I entered the derivation rule in the "DerivationNote" property and it seemed to work (it added the asterisk after the predicate and set the DerivationStorage to Derived).
09-14-2013 18:44
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