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pdf Using ORM-Based models as a Foundation for a Data Quality Firewall in an Advanced Generation Data Warehouse

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Presentation of a paper by Baba Piprani SICOM, Canada

Abstract: Data warehouses typically represent data being integrated from multiple source systems. There are inherent data quality problems when data is being consolidated in terms of data semantics, master data integration, cross functional business rule conflicts, data cleansing, etc. This paper demonstrates how multiple Object-Role models were successfully used in establishing a data quality firewall architecture to define an Advanced Genration Data Warehouse. The ORM models realized the 100% principle in ISO TR9007 Report on Conceptual Schemas, and were translated into attribute-based models to generate SQL DBMS schemas. These were subsequently used in RDBMS code generation for a 100% automated implementation for the data quality firewall checks based on the described architecture. This same Data Quality Firewall approach has also been sucessfully used in implementing multiple web-based applications, characteristically yielding 35-40% savings in development cost.

Paper available from OTM Workshops 2006, LNCS 4278, pp. 1148-1159   Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg   

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