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Abstract. We present a general algorithm for determining all intra fact type uniqueness constraints in a fact type with n roles. For Fact Oriented Methods of information modeling that work with elementary...
12-18-2007 26 Download
File Size 1005kB
Abstract. During the development of theoretical frameworks researchers often graphically represent formal textual notations as part of a developed theory. This may lead to enrichments and new insights...
12-06-2007 44 Download
File Size 1.7MB
Abstract. The classic definition of metadata is simply stated as data about data . Straightforward as it may be, this data can be very powerful. In this paper we will explore the possibility of how we...
12-05-2007 80 Download
File Size 607.5kB
Abstract. Enterprise application integration efforts face several impediments like: lack of common data semantics, conflicting or ambiguous meanings,homonymic usage, including non-existent documentation...
12-05-2007 42 Download
File Size 832kB
Abstract. Two major problems in constructing data federations (for example, data warehouses and database federations) concern achieving and maintaining consistency and a uniform representation of the data...
12-03-2007 77 Download
File Size 403kB
This presentation was used to support the demonstration of the CaseTalk tool that supports FCO-IM.
12-18-2007 34 Download
File Size 586.5kB
Abstract . Business process modeling is currently receiving a great deal of attention from both the business and the technical communities. Many processes modeling approaches have been proposed, but these...
12-03-2007 394 Download
File Size 1.3MB
Abstract. In this article we will illustrate how a fact-oriented conceptual modeling approach extended with behavioural modeling constructs can be used to model the data-oriented, process-oriented and...
12-03-2007 113 Download
File Size 158kB
Abstract. A process modeling language is declarative when it explicitly takes into account the business concerns that govern business processes. In this paper, we show how business concerns can be modeled...
12-06-2007 106 Download
File Size 680.5kB
Abstract This case study reports on a classroom experience using a Wiki to design an ORM data model. Student teams developed ORM diagrams and were to present them in a top down unfolding fashion along...
01-28-2008 46 Download
File Size 221.3kB
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