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ppt P08: Advances in FCO-IM (2): A Shorter Algorithm for Determining Intra Fact Type Uniqueness Constraints

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Date Added: Tue, Dec 18 2007

Abstract. We present a general algorithm for determining all intra fact type uniqueness constraints in a fact type with n roles. For Fact Oriented Methods of information modeling that work with elementary fact types, a top-down approach is shorter than a bottom-up approach for fact types with more than two roles. The algorithm is shorter (in terms of the number of tests to be performed) than the one published earlier in our book on FCO-IM. For its most important steps, we prove that no shorter algorithm exists.

Note: You can download the book on FCO-IM from the Library.

Authors: Jan Pieter Zwart and Guido Bakema,  
Research and Competence Group Data Architectures & Metadata Management Academy of Communication and Information Technology HAN University of Applied Science , Ruitenberglaan 26, 6826 CC Arnhem, The Netherlands,

The original paper is available from Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS 4805, November 2007 


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