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For documents related to the ORM 2009 workshop to be held in Vilamoura Portugal - November 4-6 

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Automated Test Input Generation for Software That Consumes ORM Models Matthew J. McGill 1 , R.E. Kurt Stirewalt 2 , and Laura K. Dillon 1 1 Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University...
11-11-2009 136 Download
File Size 407.7kB
BPMN as a Communication Language for the Process- and Event-Oriented Perspectives in Fact-Oriented Conceptual Models Peter Bollen: School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, The Netherlands...
11-11-2009 100 Download
File Size 506.9kB
This presentation shows the role of fact based modelling in supporting the development of space systems at the European Space Agency.(ESA) ESA has a complex data environment that involves a large number...
12-05-2009 211 Download
File Size 4.8MB
ORM-Based Semantics of B2B Transactions H. Balsters and F. van Blommestein : University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics and Business, P.O. Box 800, 9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands Abstract. After...
11-11-2009 133 Download
File Size 326.1kB
Positionalism of Relations and Its Consequences for Fact-Oriented Modelling C. Maria Keet : Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy Abstract. Natural language-based conceptual...
11-11-2009 112 Download
File Size 509.4kB
Predicate Reference and Navigation in ORM Terry Halpin LogicBlox, Australia and INTI Education Group, Malaysia Abstract. A conceptual schema of an information system specifies the fact structures of interest...
11-11-2009 146 Download
File Size 241kB
The Constellation Query Language *** Heath: Data Constellation, Australia Abstract. Collaboration in modeling is essential to success, but ORM diagrams intimidate many business people, and most would never...
11-11-2009 128 Download
File Size 2.4MB
Towards a Common Platform to Support Business Processes, Services and Semantics Baba Piprani: MetaGlobal Systems, Canada Abstract. The search for the Holy Grail in achieving interoperability of business...
11-11-2009 134 Download
File Size 4.1MB
In this session, Dr C Maria Keet gave a sneak preview of the "WONDER" System: W eb- ON tology base D E xtraction of R elational data This advanced ORM2 project is being conducted at the KRDB...
11-11-2009 151 Download
File Size 1004.5kB
Business Semantics Management Supports Government Innovation Information Portal Geert Van Grootel 1 , Peter Spyns 1,2 , Stijn Christiaens 2,3 , and Brigitte Jörg 4 1 Vlaamse overheid – Departement Economie...
11-11-2009 126 Download
File Size 498kB
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