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pptx P14 A Dialogue Game Prototype for FCO-IM

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Abstract. We report on the development of a prototype dialogue game for FCO-IM. Dialogue games are systems for executing controlled conversations. As part of an ongoing effort to analyze and support collaborative modeling processes by means of dialogue games, we created a dialogue game prototype for essential parts of the FCO-IM modeling process. The project was exploratory in nature, but results suggest that eventually it should be possible to develop dialogue games that could effectively support fact-based conceptual modeling efforts. In addition, work on such games enhances our insights in the FCO-IM modeling process, and leads to improvements and extensions of its operational guidelines.

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Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, Radboud University Nijmegen, (The Netherlands)
Jan Pieter Zwart, HAN University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)
Albert Pratama Jemmi Oscar, HAN University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)
Dimas Listianto Adisuryo, HAN University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)


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