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Unable to build on VS2013 due to reliance on guidOfficeIcons

Last post Mon, May 11 2015 10:44 by Matthew Curland. 1 replies.
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  • Mon, May 11 2015 7:12

    • shada22
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    Unable to build on VS2013 due to reliance on guidOfficeIcons

    Apparently, VS2013 and later no longer distribute the office icon resource dll with Visual Studio, so the VS2013 SDK vsct compiler complains about mstocid* in PkgCmd.vsct's guidOfficeIcon group.


    I'd be happy to put a patch together if you'd like to pick replacements from




  • Mon, May 11 2015 10:44 In reply to

    Re: Unable to build on VS2013 due to reliance on guidOfficeIcons

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for catching this.

    NORMA builds against 5 (soon 6) different Visual Studio versions. I don't have the luxury of buying hardware to isolate all of these versions, so I'm not surprised by the cross-contamination where 2013 is grabbing resources from 2012 (or even 2010). I've heard issues (that I can't reproduce) with tool windows getting lost in VS2013, and I'm wondering if VS is bailing out if it can't find the icon resources.

    It looks like the vsct compiler supports command line defines that can be picked up in conditional attributes in the vsct file itself, so this should be adjustable from the build process.

    I'm only using a few of these icons (see the end of the vsct file) and could snap them into an internal resource, but I'd prefer to use ones installed with the system.

    Note that you don't need to build NORMA to debug it. The debug files are installed, and you just need to attach to the process and point to the code for the matching version. If you do build, you need to be strictly in dev mode, which does not play nicely side-by-side with a Setup install of NORMA. Also, the checked files generated from .DSL use the 2005 generators for 2005 and 2008, and the 2010 generators for 10/12/13. I also use modified templates, which I can't post with the open source project. If you hit the 'regen' button you'll need to revert very soon. Talk to me off line if you want to build and I can get you the files.


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