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Getting started

Last post Thu, May 29 2008 16:50 by Brian Nalewajek. 3 replies.
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  • Thu, May 29 2008 4:10

    Getting started


     I have just taken delivery of the big brown book and I am starting to work through it. I have recently started developing in VS 2008 (after Java and Netbeans) and dowloaded the requisite nORMa plug-in - but cannot seem to find any obvious way to start it from within VS 2008. Is there any getting started documentation.

     It seemed to install OK. 'scuse me if I'm being dim, but I have only been using VS2008 for a matter of hours.






  • Thu, May 29 2008 6:23 In reply to

    • Ken Evans
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    Re: Getting started

    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to "the big brown book club" Smile
    Yes I agree,  - Visual Studio is a bit of a handful at the start.

    You will find the "nORMa how to" in a series of powerpoint presentations in the Library.
    The first two have just been updated and I will be posting two more within the next two days.

    Feel free to post any specific questions in this forum.
    It will help if you explain your problems in text and also add a "cut and paste screen shot" of the menu structure or whatever it is that you are having problems with.

    I use Snagit from Techsmith for screenshots.

    Hope this helps




  • Thu, May 29 2008 6:30 In reply to

    Re: Getting started

    Hi Ken

    Thank you - thou art a gent.

    I do most of my work on a lovely MAC with parallels for Win XP, so I have no problem with screen shots.

    I'll have a good look at the ppts later.

    Many thanks.


  • Thu, May 29 2008 16:50 In reply to

    Re: Getting started

    Hi Mike,

    Take a look at the readme file included in the zipped folder that has the nORMa CTP and other required files (actually, it's best to explicitly decompress all the files in the folder before going on).

    First, you'll need a copy of VS 2005 or VS 2008, and the edition level must be Standard or Above - doesn't currently work with Express Editions.

    You may have everything loaded up correctly, but I can't see from here.  The first part of the README covers installation; if you followed that, you should have the CTP installed.

    Assuming it's installed, you start by creating a new Solution/Project in VS (use the vanilla Windows Form App template), but name it whatever you like.  You can ignore the WinForm that comes up in a tab (or just close it).

    In the Solution Explorer Window/Tab select (Whatever you named it), and use the RT Click context menu to "Add new item."

    In what comes up, you'll see two ORM item templates, choose ORM file.  Once you do that (and name it as you like), the nORMa designer will open up for you.

    If you get that far, you've done the install, and should look at the tutorial PowerPoints Ken mentioned.  If you don't get to the see the designer, you'll need to take another look at the install README.

    Good luck,


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