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Oracle Data Types in the DDL - CLOB and BLOB

Last post 11-16-2008 1:11 by Matthew Curland. 1 replies.
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  • 10-15-2008 9:37

    Oracle Data Types in the DDL - CLOB and BLOB

    I am trying to generate my DDL for an Oracle NORMA project. When I look in the file DDLtoOracle.xslt I see that there are some xsl tags for the data match:

    <xsl:template match="@type[.='BINARY LARGE OBJECT']" mode="ForDataType">




    <xsl:template match="@type[.='CHARACTER LARGE OBJECT']" mode="ForDataType">



    However, I cannot set the data type in the object to match these. Am I missing data types in my object properties drop down list? If so, how do I add them?

    Currently I have to search for these objects in my DDL and manually replace them. As the model is changing it would be useful if I could set them properly.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Thank you,





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  • 11-16-2008 1:11 In reply to

    Re: Oracle Data Types in the DDL - CLOB and BLOB

    These should map to 'Text:Large Length' and the 'Raw Data: Large Length' datatypes in the Properties Window.

    I'm not sure where the CLOB came from in your snippet above. I have NCLOB in the same file.


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