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Getting back to ORMs - Need help

Last post Fri, Feb 12 2010 5:56 by Ken Evans. 1 replies.
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  • Thu, Feb 11 2010 19:37

    Getting back to ORMs - Need help

    Hi, I'm new to the forums here. I haven't done any ORMs for 10 years and I need to get back into it. I'm doing up an ORM that encompasses employee details, laptop details, and all software and accessories. I've done up a "first draft" in VisioModeler but I'm sure I've missed a lot of required constraints. Is there anyway I can upload the file so someone could check it out for me? Thanks
  • Fri, Feb 12 2010 5:56 In reply to

    • Ken Evans
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    Re: Getting back to ORMs - Need help

    Hi Stephen,

    One way is to create an image of your model, (or of the part of your model with which you are having problems) and then post it with your message (as shown in the attachment to this message. In this case I have used Snagit to copy the image and saved it in .png format.

    If you look at the "options" tab, there is an upload file feature as shown in the attached image.
    This is explained in the help file that you can access from the menu at the top right of your screen.

    Regarding "checking out your file", what you seem to be asking is for someone to "validate" your model.
    You should note that the only person who can validate any model is a "domain expert" who knows what the model is "supposed to mean".
    The technique that I and other ORM consultants use is to meet with a domain expert and go through the model fact by fact asking the question "is this what you want to say?" . In other words, an ORM consultant repeatedly asks the question:   Is this verbalisation of this fact "True" or "False"? 

    So whilst VisioModeler, VEA and NORMA all "do" verbalisation, in my opinion, NORMA has by far the best verbaliser.  

    If you are "getting back into ORM" then you should know that ORM has moved on quite a lot since VisioModeler. 
    So I recommend either VEA (2003/2005) or NORMA .
    NORMA implements ORM2 and has many more features than VisioModeler.
    Furthermore, Terry Halpin's 2008 book (see link on home page) will probably have answers to most of your questions on ORM and ORM2 and the other book has the VEA answers.  

    Having said all that, if you email the file to me as an attachment, then I will look at it for you.

    Hope this helps



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