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Importing DB problems

Last post Mon, Feb 15 2010 19:48 by Matthew Curland. 1 replies.
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  • Mon, Feb 15 2010 14:35

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    Importing DB problems


     I've tried the Import DB several times with great success, however when I have a large dataset it appears to be slow and cumbersome.  Is there a way to make the view faster?  Also I think all the lines going everywhere in large datasets looks sorta like CAPTCHA HELL.  Is there any plan to have a view like all the tables are on the left side where the veins of indexing do not cross except at like one juncture (like a circuit).  The current number of line crossings make the experience of finding a specific table traumatic.  Also is there a way to order these table names alphabetically?  I've attemped to re-allign all the positional settings to be left aligned without too much success, and increment the y position by a set amount, but then there are entire number of lines are overlapping one another instead of at a single point.  I do know that I can search a name in the xml file, and then finds it's coordinates, but I'd much rather do that in the orm editer.



    | |-[tbl2-index1]]


     I think a view like this would be nice once you get into a database with over 100 tables.



  • Mon, Feb 15 2010 19:48 In reply to

    Re: Importing DB problems


    Minimal work has been done on the relational view, and any additional development has been deprioritized behind verbalization and validation of derivation rules and constraints with full join paths, and a complete rework of the relational model to add several much needed features (incremental changes to allow column reordering, just column names, multiple relational mappings from the same model, etc).

    Once this work is done we will look at creating a new relational view that allows multiple diagrams and a significantly better UI. As the Relational View description says in the Extension Manager dialog, what we have now is 'slow and temporary'.

    You can jump to a specific table on the diagram by finding it in the Model Browser and using the 'Select on Diagram' command. Note that all information you can see in the diagram is also available in the Model Browser.


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