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The prospects of ORM Lite

Last post 10-13-2013 17:40 by Ken Evans. 19 replies.
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  • 04-05-2013 13:07 In reply to

    Re: The prospects of ORM Lite


    I've just discovered the latest version of ORM Lite and am excited by it.  I have one question though:  as far as I can determine, it provides no way to print the diagrams.  Is this the case ?



  • 04-05-2013 17:39 In reply to

    Re: The prospects of ORM Lite

    Hi Mark,

    ORMLite has been developed by Brian Christensen and others.
    Since I was not a member of the original development team, I don't know the answer to your specific question.

    However, ORMLite is open source and is written in Python which means that if you know Python then you can add your own components.

    So how to you get to grips with Python?

    One way is to take the free online 9 week course in Python that is due to start on 15 April 2013.
    The estimated workload is 7-9 hours per week.

    The course is hosted on Coursera and is run by Professors Scott Rixner and Joe Warren of Rice University, Houston.
    To enroll on this free course, click here and follow the instructions.


  • 04-19-2013 22:18 In reply to

    Re: The prospects of ORM Lite

    For any platform, it is possible to use a screen capture to print the diagram. For Windows users, a script is included that will capture the diagram as a vector diagram that can be pasted into a word document or a power point slide for printing. It has the advantage of being easily resizable. For my projects I use a script that I have written that exports all of the diagrams and the Rmap tables as a PDF file. It will probably be included in the next release.
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  • 10-13-2013 17:24 In reply to

    Re: The prospects of ORM Lite

    Hello Brian, I am teaching a course at Arizona State(Polytechnic campus) using Halpin's 2ed Information Modeling book. (Someone was smart enough to require that text!). I am sold on the approach... I just am trying out your ORMLite (13a) tool and so far so good. I sure hope you find a sponsor, but in the mean time, if you put up a link for contributions I will do so! cheers rob rucker ( literally just started using the tool, but I don't see an export option other than the ormlite suffix? Will go online to learn more)
  • 10-13-2013 17:40 In reply to

    Re: The prospects of ORM Lite

     Hello Rob,

    There is a more recent version of ORM Lite (13b) that you can download from the library.

    Good to hear that you are sold on the ORM approach.
    Which ORM features do you emphasise when comparing it with alternative approaches?



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