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Install for VSTS 2010

Last post 01-04-2011 22:53 by Matthew Curland. 3 replies.
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  • 01-03-2011 13:21

    Install for VSTS 2010


    I notice that the installation of NORMA build 1464 went very quickly. Thank you.

    However, the Programs and Features control panel still shows "Natural ORM Architect for Visual Studio 2008" after the install for 2010. Is this a problem, a fluke, and oversight, or something that I should ignore?

    - Jim

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  • 01-03-2011 13:38 In reply to

    Re: Install for VSTS 2010

    Hi Jim,

    The installation for VS2010 is expected to be much quicker than VS2005 and VS2008 because devenv /setup is not required with VS2010, and this accounts for 90% of the setup time for the other two targets.

    Each of the Visual Studio targets are separate products and can be installed side-by-side. None of the binary files overlap, but there is some file overlap in the code generators. Installing for VS2010 will not uninstall the VS2008 bits.


  • 01-04-2011 11:26 In reply to

    Re: Install for VSTS 2010


    I checked with the Visual Studio develop team about the unresolved issues with VSTS 2010 in your ReadMe file. Here is their response:

    About 1, this is not something we experience with the DSL Tools produced
    designers. I suspect that there might be some custom code for the multi-view
    that would not be fully compliant with the Visual Studio protocol?

    About 3. This is well known but only happening when you copy a picture
    from a VM to a document on your local machine. This is a problem with the
    clipboard mechanism in terminal services


    About 4, I’ll check with the VSSDK team. Maybe the deployment is different
    now that everything is deployed using a VSIX (I was suprized that NORMA CTP for
    VS2010 is not using VSIX, by the way)

    About 5. It might be due to font settings.

    The number correspond to your help file under Unresolved issues in
    Visual Studio 2010




    Best regards




  • 01-04-2011 22:53 In reply to

    Re: Install for VSTS 2010

    Hi Jim,

    I appreciate your passing these along. Hopefully this can be of some help in working them out now, or at least getting some fixes for SP1. I've done a little more digging.

    1) (Opening multiple files). Attaching listeners to IMonitorSelectionService DocumentWindowChanged reveals significantly different behavior between VS2005 and VS2010 (I'm assuming VS2008 is behaving like 05, I attached a listener in the Package.Initialize override using the package itself as the service provider). VS2005 is quiet while multiple documents are being opened, with an activation notification on the active window at the end of the load process. VS2010 shows DocumentWindowChanged events on each file as it loads. However, the last notification is not fired for the active document after all of the docs are loaded. This would certainly explain the problem as command routing, tool window display, etc are all dependent upon a document being active, and are all the responsibility of VS itself, not the editor. VS is displaying the document in the active tab without actually activating it (you don't get a DocumentChanged notification either). I don't see how this can be anything other than a VS issue.

    3 (constraint lines) and 5 (frequency and reading shape size) seem to be an issue of a shared DSL core design surface resource (brush, pen, etc) being modified and not properly restored. I've seen this in a few other cases in 2010 and have worked around the problem by introducing new resource identifiers instead of sharing the resources. Basically, then pen/brush retrieved for the resources does not correspond to the initial specifications for the resource identifier (invalid color, incorrect dashstyle, etc). I'm modifying color in some cases for modality and hover variations, but I never modify width or dash style on the fly, so I don't think I'm responsible for this one either (although, unlike the first problem, I'm reasonably sure I can work around this one). Other dashed lines (ValueType, non-identifying subtype) are rendering fine.

    4) Just how do you integrate with the VS help now? I'm using the Wix35 help integration extensions, which don't work correctly.

    I have a list of other VS2010 grievances if anyone is interested. Getting this working was not a stroll in the green patch formerly known as Lake Bill (a nice little park at one point in MS history). For example, dynamic menu ids in VS2010 must be separated by at least one unused menu number or all of the items from the trailing menu appear at the end of the menu with the earlier ids (cost me at least two days). Another fun one is that the ProjectItem.Document property for a ProjectItem retrieved in a code generator does not actually return the original document or provide any way to reference it (that cost me the Wednesday before Christmas).

    Regarding VSIX installation

    NORMA VS2010 uses a number of the VSIX install patterns. However, NORMA is itself is an extensible platform and, as such, there is no way to register all extension components in a static manifest file. Extension modules, generators, and import transforms are all registered separately outside the VS hive, as are the code generator (ORMCustomTool) and a NewFileItems entry, which is not supported by VSIX. NORMA is also designed for a command line load without the VSIDE, which doesn't work if the assembly files are not in the GAC. You could easily create a basic VSIX installation as follows:

    1. Snapshot the Common7\IDE\Extensions\ORM Solutions\Natural ORM Architect\1.0 directory
    2. Delete any directories and subdirectories starting with ~ (these are VS cache directories)
    3. Copy C:\Program Files\ORM Solutions\ORM Architect for Visual Studio 2010\bin\ORMSolutions.ORMArchitect.Core.VS2010.dll to the root of the vsix directory (with the manifest). Use C:\Program Files (x86) on a 64-bit box.
    4. In the extension.vsixmanifest file, change the 'InstalledByMsi' value to false instead of true.
    5. In the Content section of the manifest file add an MefComponent tag with a value of ORMSolutions.ORMArchitect.Core.VS2010.dll
    6. Zip up the directory and save it as a vsix file (I'd need to investigate if you zip the whole directory structure below Extensions or just the file itself).

    This should give you a reasonable VSIX impression of NORMA with no extensions (relational, etc), generators, importers, or custom tool. It will definitely exhibit all of the problem behaviors I've mentioned here, and the isolated form might be more palatable to internal developers than the .msi.

    Thanks again for forwarding these. I'd love to keep this going until we get things resolved.


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