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Highlight Selected Relationship in Relational View

Last post Tue, Feb 8 2011 15:49 by Matthew Curland. 1 replies.
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  • Tue, Feb 8 2011 15:13

    • JimLudden
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    Highlight Selected Relationship in Relational View

    It seems that if I select a single relationship in Relational View that the color of the line representing that relationship changes slightly.

    If it is not too hard, could you make the change in color quite a bit more obvious.

    I find that, with a larger model, the original Relational View is really messy. I don't have a method for laying out the tables, except to reduce the total length of relationship lines. I like to trace a relationship and move tables closer to those related tables by following the relationship lines. This would be easier if I could more easily distinguish the line that I wish to trace from all the other purple lines on the screen.

    Thanks - Jim

  • Tue, Feb 8 2011 15:49 In reply to

    Re: Highlight Selected Relationship in Relational View

    Hi Jim,

    I added overrides for highlighting in the ORM diagram very early in the project and could apply those here as well, although I don't think I can get much more contrast than the defaults in this case with a color shifting algorithm. You'd need an entirely different color, not just the Magenta-to-HotPink morph you get now.

    Even with an entirely different color, on a densely packed diagram the relationship lines are often partially obscured so even a different color would be hard to trace through. There is a tooltip on these, however, that indicates column names. I could easily extend this to also mention the table name. I think that would be more helpful than a color change. Armed with the opposite table name, you can directly select the shape using the Model Browser.

    Does extending the tooltips sound like a reasonable alternative?


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