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'Select on Diagram' from Context Window

Last post Wed, Mar 18 2009 15:26 by Matthew Curland. 1 replies.
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  • Wed, Mar 18 2009 13:46

    • JimLudden
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    'Select on Diagram' from Context Window

    Here's a bell (or whistle) that would make naviagtion easier in a big model:

    From the Context Window, I would like to select a Fact Type, right-click, and 'Select on Diagram'.

    This feature is available from the Model Brower and from a Page window for both Fact and Object types. It should not be terribly hard to implement Geeked.

  • Wed, Mar 18 2009 15:26 In reply to

    Re: 'Select on Diagram' from Context Window

    Yes, it sounds easy, but it isn't trivial. There are several issues here:

    • The Context Window changes when selection changes, and clearly triggering a selection change from within something that changes in response to a selection change can introduce some problems. However, the context window must be a selection container to run commands from it.
    • The Context Window is a tool window, which is not the native habitat for a diagram. I solved some of the technical issues here with the diagram spy window, and would like to integrate these into the context window at some point.
    • Allowing full editing and command capabilities in this window is probably counterproductive. Specifically, if you drop an item (from the toolbox, model browser, etc), then the shape is only created locally, which means that you can end up with a lot of elements with no corresponding shape.

    So, I'm not disagreeing, but please trust me when I say it is harder than it looks due to both technical and design issues. If it were 10 minutes, I'd have done it ages ago because I'd like to have it too. -Matt

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