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ORMGenerator option for OWL

Last post 11-24-2010 15:56 by Terry Halpin. 1 replies.
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  • 11-24-2010 10:35

    ORMGenerator option for OWL


    I have Ms. Visual Studio 2005 and installed the NORMA plugin on it (from the zip called

    I worked through the NORMA Tutorial 1 available in the Library link. In the tutorial the ORGGenerator dialog shows an option to generate OWL form the ORM model (amongst others). However, in my dialog box I only have the following options:

    • PHPEntitiesImplementation
    • PLiX_Implementation
    • PLiX_Support
    • SQL_DB2
    • SQL_MySQL
    • SQL_Oracle
    • SQL_PostgreSQL
    •  SQL_SQL_Server
    • SQL_SQLSTandard
    • TableViewHTML
    • XSD 

    I am very interested in the option to generate OWL from the ORM model. How should I go about getting this option? Do I have the wrong version? Does this only work in VS2008?

    Help with this will be highly appreciated.

  • 11-24-2010 15:56 In reply to

    Re: ORMGenerator option for OWL

    Support for ORM to OWL transformation is definitely a feature we'd like to add to NORMA. Some early prototyping work on this indicated its feasibility, and the later improvements to OWL (OWL 2) make this even more practical. However, at this stage we have not included any support for OWL generation in any of the NORMA plug-ins to VS 2005, VS 2008, or the upcoming plug-in to VS2010. Hopefully, we can provide such support in a future version.

    As some indication of our interest in an ORM-to-OWL mapping, my current series of articles for the Business Rules Journal ( ) focuses on ontological modeling. 



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