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  • RE: Need a working .csproj file for generatio

    Kevin- Thanks for the fast response last night.... it was perfect timing. Awesome. Brian- I hadn't noticed the documentation downloads before.... so I will be sure to check them out. Both- Currently using NORMA to design a startup nonprofit so we are beginning to put the tool through the paces. I've been lurking on this board ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jason on 05-10-2007
  • RE: Need a working .csproj file for generatio

    Check out the documentation bundle in the download tab. These contain tutorial labs. I've forgotten if they go through the new project procedures for VS, or not. In any case, they are good intros to using fairly up to date releases of the NORMA tool. Unless things have changed. You should choose only a regular application or console ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Brian Nalewajek on 05-09-2007
  • RE: Need a working .csproj file for generation

    Please accept our apologies; those instructions are very out of date. You no longer need to edit the project file by hand to get our generators working. Instead, you can just make a regular project (C# or VB), and add an ORM model to it. When you click on the file for that ORM model in the Solution Explorer, you should see an entry for ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Kevin M. Owen on 05-09-2007
  • Need a working .csproj file for generation

    I am having problems trying to create the proper project file so I can generate DDL. Following the instructions that were posted in the documentation structure. Visual Studio doesn't like &lt;Project&gt; The alternative doesn't seem right. &lt;Project xmlns=''''&gt; Can someone send/post a ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jason on 05-09-2007
  • NORMA framework project status?

    Hi, Seems like a good time for an update report on the NORMA framework and tool project. Since the March CTP, things have been rather quite on these boards (though I expect quite busy at Neumont). I've also noted a good deal of NORMA and ORM 2 related posts on the information_modeling site/list. My guess is that both the ...
  • NORMA Extension Documentation

    Hello, I just started a new project with NORMA, which seems to be a really great tool. However, for this project I need to develop an extension and couldn't find information how to start. I'd like to extend the fact type functionality with additional classifications such as sensed fact type, static fact type, profiled fact type, etc. Beside the ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Dirk Lessner on 05-02-2007
  • RE: AndroMDA and NHibernate

    Please look at EasyObjects too.
  • AndroMDA and NHibernate

    Hi, At some point, someone had mentioned that NHibernate (as well as other mapping frameworks), were being considered in future plans for the NORMA tool. At a recent developers meeting in my area, a presentation on NHibernate demonstrated some of the useful features of this framework. One of the developers in attendance mentioned a code ...
  • RE: Value Constraint Diagram Shape

    A model note is stored as text in the core model (inside the orm:ORMModel element in the xml file). However, the text for a value constraint in the core model is not even stored in string form. The string you see is rebuilt on the fly when it is first requested. Any additional formatting information would need to be stored with each individual ...
  • RE: Project and Forum hosting plans?

    Folk, as promised, the Yahoo information_modeling mailing list is now also available as a newsgroup through the two-way gmane gateway. This gateway allows anyone to contribute once their email address has been verified by gmane (the email address will be obfuscated in posts to defeat spam address harvesters). If you regularly use a ...
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