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  • Re: Open Letters

    Hi Victor, Thanks for your post. If you want to start a discussion about a specific document in the Library, I suggest that you post a question in a Forum that relates to the topic. If the topic you want is not already there, then its best to request a new topic by name. My concept in creating the Forum categories is to help ...
    Posted to Request a topic (Forum) by Ken Evans on 12-18-2007
  • Open Letters

    As an open forum, and with an intent to further the knowledge, insight and future development of ORM, I was wondering if it is possible to have an 'Open Letters'. An 'Open Letters' section (as opposed an 'Open Forum') would be a forum to ask questions that probe the boundaries of research and development. Further, if in ...
    Posted to Request a topic (Forum) by VictorMorgante on 12-18-2007
  • The specified invariant name is not supported

    Hi, I want to reengineer an existing database-schema using ORM. I used Import DB (File->New Item->Object-Role Modeling (DB Import). After specifying and testing the connection I get the following error message: The specified invariant name is not supported. Is there a solution to solve this? I tried different data sources and ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by milkmen on 12-18-2007
  • RE: Install

    I'm running Vista Enterprise, SP1, v.667 (not yet publicly available). I did get NORMA to install, and it works fine. not quite certain why I had trouble the first time. It appears to me that the Relationship View is smoother - but I only used it once previously. Now that a VS 2008 install script is available I should try that. We have VS ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jim on 12-12-2007
  • RE: Install

    Hi, I think the only thing the batch file does is check to make sure the PLiX and DSL Tools are up to date. I found I need to click on the nORMa msi to get the actual install. I haven't done the Vista SP yet, please post relevant comments on your experience with nORMa and the SP - also which edition of Vista are you using? I've been using ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Brian Nalewajek on 12-11-2007
  • RE: Install

    My apologies. I get so impatient. Third try appears to have worked. :)
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jim on 12-11-2007
  • Install

    Trying to install NORMA_VS-2007-11CTP.VS2005 On Vista SP1 (RTM) Batch job starts, requests Admin control. Microsoft DSL is installed Neither Neumont PLIX nor Newmont NORMA appear to install. Task Manager does not appear to show any related activity. I uninstalled NORMA and Microsoft DSL manually prior to starting the install. Any ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jim on 12-11-2007
  • RE: ORCAS support

    Hi, Just loaded up final release product of VS08 Pro last night. I installed the 11/07 CTP of nORMa for VS 08. The install was uneventful (on my notebook, Vista Ultimate). Not wanting to complicate things, I created a Console Application (on of the project types allowed in earlier CTPs - I'll test out some other project types later). You ...
  • RE: ORCAS support

    You're right, when I tried to build it against the RTM version of VS2008, I did receive the same messages. Thankfully, these are pretty straightforward to fix. You can just remove the ''this.'' or ''base.'' from each method call that gives an error. Alternatively, if you update to the latest source code from our Subversion repository, these ...
  • RE: ORCAS support

    Yeah I was running on a final CTP. that's why I think I got the weird messages. If you try to build on the latest, you may get the same messages I got.
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