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  • DDL for External Constraints?

    I have a diagram with a number of external constraints, none of which have any associated ddl for sql server generated. What might be the problem?
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Taber_Loveless on 01-24-2008
  • Re: For Visual Studio Express

    Hi Olgachu,  It is my understanding that in its current form, the NORMA tool will only function with at least MS Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition. NORMA cannot work with any of the Express Editions because MS Visual Studio versions below 'Standard' don't include the functionality that the NORMA ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Ken Evans on 12-31-2007
  • For Visual Studio Express

    Hi, When I set up NORMA, it asked Visual Sutdio 2005. However, I only have Express Edition. II would like to know NORMA supports Visual Studio Express or not. If it supported, is there any document for installation? If it didn't, would you release another one for Visaul Studio Express Edition? Thank you.
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by olgachu on 12-31-2007
  • Holliday wishes for the nORMa team

    Season's greeting! I'd like to wish all of the members of the nORMa team a merry Christmas and happy New year! Thanks for providing the slew of CTP release over the past several months. I did not have a chance to test them thoroughly, but they seem to follow in the tradition of more features and stability with each release. My wish for all ...
  • separating tables

    Hi development team 3 questions, please - what does mean IsPersonal property for an entity? - why tinyint type is absent in data type set? - is there any way to tell Norma to separate a table that has 1:1 relatioship with another table or is a subtype of another table?
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by sparrow on 12-25-2007
  • RE: Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi Tyler, Do you mean like this?.... I agree. Higher priority needs to be given to keyboard shortcuts within NORMA in general. What's interesting is that high-end features overall won't influence as many users as ease of use and ...
  • Re: Open Letters

    Hi Ken,  Thank you for your response. To answer your quesiton, your response doesn't really address the issue or help at this stage. I apologise in advance on that. It might warrant further consideration and thought. I'll rephrase my request so that it is better understood and answers you requests ...
    Posted to Request a topic (Forum) by VictorMorgante on 12-19-2007
  • Re: Open Letters

    Hi Victor, Thanks for your post. If you want to start a discussion about a specific document in the Library, I suggest that you post a question in a Forum that relates to the topic. If the topic you want is not already there, then its best to request a new topic by name. My concept in creating the Forum categories is to help ...
    Posted to Request a topic (Forum) by Ken Evans on 12-18-2007
  • Open Letters

    As an open forum, and with an intent to further the knowledge, insight and future development of ORM, I was wondering if it is possible to have an 'Open Letters'. An 'Open Letters' section (as opposed an 'Open Forum') would be a forum to ask questions that probe the boundaries of research and development. Further, if in ...
    Posted to Request a topic (Forum) by VictorMorgante on 12-18-2007
  • The specified invariant name is not supported

    Hi, I want to reengineer an existing database-schema using ORM. I used Import DB (File->New Item->Object-Role Modeling (DB Import). After specifying and testing the connection I get the following error message: The specified invariant name is not supported. Is there a solution to solve this? I tried different data sources and ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by milkmen on 12-18-2007
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