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  • Re: Model Page - option to create a new file

    &nbsp;Hi Marc, I&#39;m fairly sure that each .orm file is stored as a single xml file - regardless of how big the .orm file is or how many pages are used to display it on the drawing surface. So one solution is to save the model before you add another page and then save the new model with a different name - a crude &quot;versioning&quot; ...
    Posted to Open Discussion & Feature Requests (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, Jun 10 2015
  • Re: VisioModeler Fix for Win 7 and Vista

    Thanks for the update. Let&#39;s hope that it works with Windows 10 as well. Ken
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by Ken Evans on Thu, Jun 4 2015
  • Re: VS2013 Sample Population NullPointer

    Thanks Jan Pieter, It will help more people to become aware of the problem if the bug description is also posted here. So here it is. Ken Crash on entering Sample Population for fact type (fact type that is in error mode). Reproduce: by adding the attched orm file to a new VS2013 sln. FT: Profile has TimeStepSize. Enter &#39;5 ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, May 13 2015
  • Re: Opening a New Tab

    &nbsp;Hi Berhanu, You are clicking on the tab at the top of the page.This is not correct. You need to right click on the tab at the bottom of the page and you will see the options &quot;New Page,Delete Page, Rename Page&quot; To be able to re-order pages you also have to switch on&nbsp; &quot;Document management&quot; which is in the Extension ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, May 6 2015
  • Re: "Object-Role Modeling Fundamentals - A Practical Guide to Data Modeling with ORM"

    &nbsp;Hi John, The Kindle version is available from Amazon by clicking the link in the sidebar. You can get the print version from here . Ken
    Posted to Books (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, May 6 2015
  • Re: NORMA on VS2015 Community Edition?

    JAN 2015 NORMA has been tested on VS2013 community edition and on all previous VS editions of &quot;standard or above&quot;. Matt has not yet released a version for VS2015&nbsp; so the answer to your question is &quot;I don&#39;t know&quot;. Your options are:Wait for Matt to release a VS 2015 version. Run NORMA on one of the previous versions. ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Ken Evans on Thu, Mar 26 2015
  • Re: Way to publish new version of NORMA

    &nbsp;Jacob, The new release of NORMA was published in the same way that all previous versions have been posted - in the Library&gt;Tools section. In addition, there is an announcement on the home page. So, sorry but I don&#39;t understand your explanation or your suggestion. Ken
    Posted to Issues (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, Feb 11 2015
  • Augmented Relational Calculus

    This talk by Terry Halpin and Matt Curland provides a brief overview of their Augmented Relational Calculus (ARC) language which is a version of first-order, 2-valued, domain relational calculus extended to support null items, aggregate functions and bags. ARC provides a formal basis for expressing queries and derivation rules over ...
    Posted to ORM 2014 (FileGallery) by Ken Evans on Tue, Nov 25 2014
  • Serge Valera: ESA's Fact Based Modelling Unifying System

    The European Space Agency (ESA) has found that when information is exchanged, it is frequently misinterpreted. In this presentation, Serge Valera of the European Space Agency discusses a fact based modeling solution to the problem of knowledge sharing in ESA. Environment: A network of customer-supplier relationships: Different organizations, ...
    Posted to ORM 2014 (FileGallery) by Ken Evans on Tue, Nov 25 2014
  • Selling Fact Modeling - Prof Gordon Everest

    &nbsp;Professor Gordon Everest of the Carson School of Management, University of Minnesota presented his views on the differences between fact based modeling and traditional approaches. Prof Everest explained how to overcome the problem that he calls &quot;Table Think&quot; and the related thinking process of &quot;Tabelitis&quot;.
    Posted to ORM 2014 (FileGallery) by Ken Evans on Tue, Nov 25 2014
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