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  • RE: Which versions of MS SQL Server for new CTP?

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is still the primary version targeted, although everything we generate for SQL Server 2005 should also work with SQL Server 2008. We will add support for some of the new SQL Server 2008 features (in particular, the new temporal data types) in the relatively near future. When we do this, the user will be able to choose ...
  • RE: i18n of verbalization in NORMA and reports

    We would definitely be interested in any translations, and would be happy to include them in future NORMA releases if you wanted to contribute them.
  • RE: Show All Relationshipt

    You can select anything you want from the context window (individually or multiple items at once) and drag-and-drop it on to any diagram page in the model.
  • RE: Show All Relationshipt

    Yes, this is available through the ''ORM Context Window'', which can be activated from the ''ORM Tool Windows'' submenu on the context menu (opened by right clicking on the diagram). The ORM Context Window will show the model element that is selected in the main window, plus everything related to it out to a number of generations that is ...
  • RE: Documentation and How-To

    If you are referring to viewing the generated DDL code, the model file will need to be part of a project. Once you have added it to a project (if it isn't part of one already), select the .orm file in the Solution Explorer, and then click ''ORMGeneratorSettings'' in the Properties window. From here you can select the particular dialect of SQL that ...
  • RE: Install

    In the Solution Explorer (which shows the files in your project and is usually on the right hand side of the screen), try right clicking on the ORM file and selecting the ''View Designer'' command if it is available. If it asks something like ''The file is already open. Do you want to close it?'', say yes. If that doesn't work, or if the ''View ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Kevin M. Owen on 02-07-2008
  • RE: 1 to 1 between Entities when Mandatory

    Could you please post what the verbalization is currently coming out as, and what part of it is wrong (if it is not obvious)? Thanks.
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Kevin M. Owen on 01-30-2008
  • RE: DDL for External Constraints?

    Unfortunately, we donât yet support generating SQL code to enforce most of the external constraints. The external uniqueness constraints should come through (as long as everything they were attached to ended up in one table), but that is about all. Is there a particular kind of constraint (e.g. subset, equality, exclusion, etc.) that you ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Kevin M. Owen on 01-24-2008
  • RE: ORCAS support

    You're right, when I tried to build it against the RTM version of VS2008, I did receive the same messages. Thankfully, these are pretty straightforward to fix. You can just remove the ''this.'' or ''base.'' from each method call that gives an error. Alternatively, if you update to the latest source code from our Subversion repository, these ...
  • RE: legacy models

    You can use the instructions posted at in order to import an Orthogonal Toolbox export of the Visio model into NORMA. Please let us know if you have any problems with this procedure.
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Kevin M. Owen on 11-13-2007
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