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  • Control RDBMS Data Types During DDL Generation

    Note that I am placing this post here for future reference as this is a FAQ that I do not see addressed in the current NORMA documentation stack. To change the default data types specific to your RDBMS you need to modify the XLST Stylesheet that is used during the generation process. At the time of this writing, that can be found in the ...
  • DDL Naming Defaluts for Primary Keys

    Where can you set the default mask for PK constraints? I would expect to see a default nomenclature of "TableName_PK" (FKs appeart to have such a default). Thanks in advance! - Roanld
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by ronmwhite on 05-10-2008
  • Re: Abbreviations and DDL Formats

    Thanks to Pat Halloock for showing me how to accomplish this task. This functaionality can be achevied after a relational model has been generated via the ORM Model Browser window. Under the "Name Genration Settings" tree there are many ways you can control your dispaly/DDL genration and/or abbreviations in the "Properties" ...
  • Abbreviations and DDL Formats

      Hello,  I am new to the NORMA tool and have not yet completed all of the tutorials I apologize if this topic is already documented.  It is my understanding that you can control the DDL generation, beyond choosing the DB type, to included specific standards. In Oracle for example, coding standards include all ...
Page 1 of 1 (4 items)
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