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  • Re: Relation mapping of subtypes

    Matt - The problem with ignorance is that one answer generates another question...but I will try and contain myself.  [quote user="Matthew Curland"]If an asserted subtype plays no roles, then you currently get nothing. Obviously, this is bad on my part. [/quote]  How is this bad, let alone obviously so?  If all that ...
  • Re: Relation mapping of subtypes

     Matt -  Can you offer any guidance on the relative value of having / not having an 'isSubtype' column in the supertype table when a non-absorbed subtype has a mandatory role?  I am delving into MS Entity Framework (EF) on my project and am looking for 'good' practices. ('Best' practices will come over ...
  • Re: New data types for NORMA

     I don't have a need for all of the various SQL Server date/time datatypes, but I intend to make use of the Date datatype.  As Tom pointed out, the conceptual model already has three date/time datatypes, my issue is (as he also noted) that they are all mapped to the SQL Server datetime datatype.  All I did - based on the forum ...
  • Re: Tutorial #5

    Clifford - Interesting observation.  At the office, running a monitor through a docking station, I don't see the background effect, and I do see the dashed border.  At home running off the vga port I see the background effect and don't see the dashed border (but when I started this thread, at home, I am sure that I ...
    Posted to Discuss documentation (Forum) by chrobiso on 05-13-2013
  • Re: Tutorial #5

     Matt - I'm on Win7 32bit with IE8. I'm at a government site, so my security protocol is pretty strict (and often inflexible), being particularly paranoid about malicious hyperlinks.  I'll pass this thread by the system engineers and see if it tickles anything with them.  I would also be happy to check any ...
    Posted to Discuss documentation (Forum) by chrobiso on 05-10-2013
  • Re: Tutorial #5

    Matt - Thanks for the reply; I read the Readme.htm file and found nothing beyond your suggestions, which I address below: 1.) Button was set to Diagram Spy, but toggling it made no discernable difference - both settings fail to highlight the predicate in either the Diagram Spy or the Model browser. 2.) I get the hand icon but don't notice ...
    Posted to Discuss documentation (Forum) by chrobiso on 05-09-2013
  • Tutorial #5

     Firstly, let me say that the more that I play with NORMA, the more fascinated I become.  The tutorials are clearly written, well paced, and cover an impressive range of the tool's features. I have come across a very few situations where what I experience - using VS 2010 with Release 17 - doesn't exactly ...
    Posted to Discuss documentation (Forum) by chrobiso on 05-08-2013
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