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  • Re: ORM for a WFF?

    Thanks Brian and Ken. Brian, I will definately try to put some ORM fragments together as I begin to understand where to start.. at this point I am trying to understand based on my goals, which system of logic I should be concentrating on. I first found propositional logic, but in reading today I have...
    Posted to Philosophy (Forum) by JParrish on Sat, Jun 7 2008
  • ORM for a WFF?

    I wasn't sure which forum would be best to post this in. I am teaching myself about formal logic.. with the catalyst being that I am creating a "Rule Engine" of sorts.. I want to approach defining a "rule" as a well formed formula.. hoping to create a relational schema to store...
    Posted to Philosophy (Forum) by JParrish on Fri, Jun 6 2008
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