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  • ORM Tools - Generators

    I am a long-time user of Visio for Enterprise Architects and have been searching for an upgrade or replacement tool for a long time. I only discovered NORMA yesterday and was very excited. According to the Tools sidebar on the Home page it appeared to be exactly what I wanted so I spent several hours...
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by RichardRickard on Fri, Jan 10 2014
  • Relational View with 0..1 to a 0..1

    Hi I just wonder how i can select which direction the entities so the relational View will create a DDL correctly. As you can see it do not link the Customer to WebLogin instead it Links Weblogin to Customer. If i set the RolePlayer "Customer" to mandatory and then make it not mandatory it...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Looopy on Fri, Feb 24 2012
  • Highlight Selected Relationship in Relational View

    It seems that if I select a single relationship in Relational View that the color of the line representing that relationship changes slightly. If it is not too hard, could you make the change in color quite a bit more obvious. I find that, with a larger model, the original Relational View is really messy...
    Posted to Open Discussion & Feature Requests (Forum) by JimLudden on Tue, Feb 8 2011
  • Relational View crash

    I add Relational view as an Extension, thru the extension manager. I get an 'Assertion Failed: Abort' message - for which I have a picture. Pressing <Ignore> then gives a Visual Studio error that an "Index was outside the bounds of the array." and my model is closed (but VSTS...
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by JimLudden on Mon, Mar 9 2009
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