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  • Nulls and Foreign key relationships

    Quick questions on Nulls and foreign key relationship. I've currently been asked to default all fields and even foreign key relationships to some default value. Even on left outer joins between rows that may not exist yet we have to set default values types using the isnull feature. My question is...
    Posted to ORM Techniques (Forum) by mnnoon on Fri, Jun 24 2011
  • Re: Is it possible to make ORM value types redundant?

    Terry, you say [quote user="Terry Halpin"] In ORM, I would model Height as an entity type with a unit-based reference mode. For example, Height(cm:) or Height(inches:). Height is based on a unit type or dimension, called "Length". Instances of other entity types (e.g. Width, Distance...
    Posted to ORM Techniques (Forum) by Anonymous on Wed, Dec 29 2010
  • Re: Is it possible to make ORM value types redundant?

    Hi Michel, You ask a very good question. So why should we bother to have value types and entity types? Before I answer that question, I'd like to comment on the part of your suggestion that relates to "user interpretation". [quote user="michel"]let users interpret which object...
    Posted to ORM Techniques (Forum) by Ken Evans on Mon, Mar 29 2010
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