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This white paper provides an overview of Object Role Modeling (ORM), using a case study to illustrate the main ideas. The steps used to design a conceptual schema for an information system are first explained...
Fri, Nov 23 2007 2,153 Download
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This paper first appeared as chapter 4 of the following book: Bernus, P., Mertins, K. & Schmidt, G. (eds.) 1998, Handbook on Architectures of Information Systems , Springer. Details on this publication...
Sun, Nov 18 2007 655 Download
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This is Terry Halpin's early formalization of ORM. This is a bitmap copy of the original which is why it is an 18 MB pdf file that may take several minutes to download even on a fast connection. Terry...
Fri, Nov 23 2007 387 Download
File Size 17.8MB
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