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Abstract. Business rules are in the center of attention, both in the ‘business world’ and in the ‘ICT applications world’. Recently, the OMG has completed a major study in defining the notion of business...
Tue, Apr 29 2008 1,485 Download
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This is an example of how to use ORM to define the concepts shown in Figure 11.1 in the SBVR standard. Note - this is not complete - it is an example of the principles.
Mon, Apr 21 2008 1,316 Download
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This file is provided to explain my post in the SBVR forum about the "habitation model having only two elementary facts." Ken
Tue, Apr 29 2008 1,037 Download
File Size 47.5kB
This document contains a formal definition of the core ORM concepts . It is the central ORM normative abstract syntax and semantics specification . Editors: Terry Halpin & Enrico Franconi The companion...
Thu, Mar 12 2020 878 Download
File Size 251.6kB
This document uses examples to summarize the abstract syntax of the main graphical symbols used in ORM . The core ORM concepts are formally defined in the companion document "ORM Abstract Syntax and...
Thu, Mar 12 2020 786 Download
File Size 829.7kB
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