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This file is provided to support my response to Jakob Voss in the > Tools> Other Tools>ORM2 Exchange Language The file shows a simple ORM2 model with its verbalization...
Fri, Jan 2 2009 375 Download
File Size 55.5kB
When you build an object-role model, it is helpful to use sample data to validate the model against the Universe of Discourse. You can do this with the sample population editor in the NORMA tool. The sample...
Fri, Nov 23 2007 641 Download
File Size 215.5kB
The NORMA tool allows you to toggle on/off the display of various categories of error. This document by Terry Halpin explains how to use this feature.
Fri, Mar 7 2008 130 Download
File Size 83.3kB
When creating Object-Role models, the diagrams can become quite large. The ORM Context Window helps by allowing a user to generate a view based on a selected object. Important Note: The ORM Context Window...
Fri, Mar 7 2008 264 Download
File Size 124.5kB
An ORM model fragment as part of a reply to a question on modeling a preferred communication menthod for a given contact at a given time..orm file VS 2005 nORMa June CTP.
Wed, Aug 6 2008 80 Download
File Size 58.3kB
This paper provides an overview of, and motivation for, the enhancements introduced by the ORM 2 graphical notation. Object-role Modeling (ORM) is a fact-oriented modeling approach for expressing, transforming...
Fri, Nov 23 2007 1,116 Download
File Size 283.7kB
Glossary of Symbols in the ORM 2 notation used by NORMA, and their counterparts in the ORM 1 notation used by Microsoft Visio File originally uploaded by Terry Halpin on 26 July 2007 Thanks Terry!
Fri, Nov 23 2007 955 Download
File Size 173.1kB
This is an initial proposal for a variant of the Object Shape in ORM 2. It is hoped that including a variant of the Object shape will provide a number of benefits, and at a minimal cost. The proposed shape...
Wed, May 28 2008 73 Download
File Size 34.6kB
This transform adds the following settings: OptimizeOperationalMethods - Will determine if the operational methods (Insert, Update, Delete) should be set to one way. Automatically turns off transaction...
Thu, Sep 18 2008 95 Download
File Size 17.5kB
This is a user guide for NORMA. It is based on the 2008 April version of NORMA. The text was prepared by Gordon Everest for students in his Advanced Database Design class at the University of Minnesota...
Fri, Aug 22 2008 731 Download
File Size 61.6kB
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