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Date Added: Tue, Oct 27 2009

A model of a talent agency and the audition process. I worked as a secretary for a local talent agency in 2002, then started doing their website as I taught myself PHP and MySQL. After redoing the website once, I turned it over to another developer. Afterward, I decided to start modeling my "ideal" scenario that would optimize the work flow for people applying to the agency and for casting directors looking to hire talent.

During the time that I was modeling this, I noticed how quickly I tended to "rat hole" down other domains that weren't necessarily specific to the domain. You'll see parts of the model dedicated to scheduling, invoicing, and addresses. Those areas are painfully thin, and I was just trying to get by with as little as possible so that I could focus on the more domain-specific areas of the model.

Download the NORMA model if you want to take it for a test drive!

This model is a result of that effort. It is not currently in production, and was not designed while working for the talent agency. In other words, nobody owns this model except me. I hereby release it under the GPLv3 license.

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