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pdf NORMA for Visual Studio 2017

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Posted By: Ken Evans Views: 2,216
Date Added: Sun, Apr 29 2018

We are now testing NORMA for Visual Studio 2017.

This new version of NORMA will be for use with Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition. It will not work with earlier versions of Visual Studio.


Many thanks to Lewis B Cook for his hard work increating the VS 2017 version of NORMA.

If you would like to test a pre-release version of NORMA for Visual Studio 2017, please send an email to with a summary of your interest in ORM and how the VS2017 version will help you.

Ken Evans

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Castell said:

Hi, Will the NORMA download for Visual Studio 2017 become available again? I get an 'Oops something went wrong!' message when clicking on the download button. Kind regards, Marijn
Tue, Sep 25 2018 13:26

Ken Evans said:

Sorry for the "oops.." message - its a temporary problem with the hosting service. However, please note that if you click the download link, you will get a Word file that invites you to send an email to NORMA for VS 2017 has never been available as a download from this site. Hope that this clarifies the availability of NORMA for VS2017.
Tue, Sep 25 2018 16:25

Steve Miller said:

Many thanks for getting VS2017 support updated!!! Yea! Steve Miller
Wed, Oct 10 2018 15:49
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