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ppt NORMA Tutorial 2 - Updated 27 June

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Posted By: Ken Evans Views: 6,606
Date Added: Tue, Oct 21 2008

This tutorial provides revision for Unary and Binary fact types and then explains the following:   

  • Ternary Fact Types
  • Inclusive-Or Constraints
  • External Uniqueness Constraints
  • Value constraints
  • Derived fact types
  • Renaming Pages

This updated tutorial was uploaded on 27 June 2009

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djvdhoven said:

Using latest version 1.0.1204.6624 2012-04CTP with VS Pro 2010, following instructions on slide 19, there is no option to add a DerivationRule to the unary fact type “Cinema is multiplex”. Any ideas?
Tue, Dec 4 2012 8:49

maubrey said:

See the response from Dr. Halpin here: 'In the free public domain version of NORMA, you can only enter derivation rules informally, hence the new term "DerivationNote" instead of "Derivation Rule"' I entered the derivation rule in the "DerivationNote" property and it seemed to work (it added the asterisk after the predicate and set the DerivationStorage to Derived).
Sat, Sep 14 2013 18:44
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