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pdf Fact Calculus: Using ORM and Lisa-D to reason about Domains.

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Presentation of paper by SJBA Hoppenbrouwers, HA (Erik) Proper and Th P van der Weide, Institute for Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 

Abstract: We propose to use ORM and Lisa-D as a means to formally reason about domains. Conceptual rule languages such as Lisa-D, RIDL and ConQuer allow for the specification of rules in a semi-natural language format that can more easily be understood by domain experts than languages such as predicate calculus, Z or OCL. If one would indeed be able to reason about properties of domains in terms of Lisa-D expressions, then this reasoning would be likely to be better accessible to people without a background in formal mathematics, such as the "average" domain expert. A potential application domain for such reasoning would be the field of business rules. If we can reason about business rules formulated in a semi natural language format, the formal equivalence of (sets of) business rules (i.e. various paraphrasings) can be discussed with domain experts in a language and a fashion that is familiar to them.

Full paper available from R. Meersman et al (Eds.): OTM Workshops 2005, LNCS 3762, pp. 720-729. 2005  Springer-Verlang Berlin Heidelberg    

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