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pdf Modeling Context Information with ORM

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Paper presented at the ORM 2005 workshop in Cyprus by

Karen Hendricksen (, Jadwiga Indulska ( and Ted McFadden (

CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology (DTSC)  (Ted)
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (Karen & Jadwiga)
The University of Queensland

Abstract: Context-aware applications rely on implicit forms of input, such as sensor-derived data, in order to reduce the need for explicit input from users. They are especially relevant for mobile and pervasive computing environments, in which user attention is it a premium. To support the development of context aware applications, techniques for modeling context information are required. These must address a unique combination of requirements, including the ability to model information supplied by both sensors and people, to represent imperfect information, and to capture contact histories. As the field of context aware computing is relatively new, mature solutions for context modeling to not exist, and researchers rely on information modeling solutions developed for other purposes. In our research, we have been using a variant of object-role Modeling (ORM) to model context. In this paper, we reflect on our experiences and outline some research challenges in this area. R Meersman et al. (Eds): OTM Workshops 2006, LNCS 3762, pp. 626-635, 2005 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005 

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