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Presentation by Terry Halpin , Neumont University, Salt Lake City, Utah.


Abstract: Object-Role Modeling (ORM) is a fact-oriented modeling approach for specifying, transforming, and querying information at a conceptual level. Unlike Entity-Relationship modeling and Unified Modeling language class diagrams, fact-oriented modeling is attribute-free, treating all elementary facts as relationships. For information modeling, fact-oriented graphical notations are typically far more expressive than other notations. Introduced 30 years ago, ORM has evolved into closely related dialects, and is supported by industrial and academic tools. Industrial experience has identified ways to improve current ORM languages (graphical and textual) and associated tools. A project is now under way to provide tool support for a second generation ORM (called ORM 2) that has significant advances over current ORM technology. This paper provides an overview of, and motivation for, the enhancements introduced by ORM 2, and discusses an open-source ORM 2 tool under development.


The original paper is available from : R. Meersman et al (Eds.) : OTM Workshops 2005, LNCS 3762, pp. 676-687, 2005 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005

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