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pdf Capturing Modeling Processes - Towards the MoDial Modeling Laboratory

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Presentation by SJBA (Stijn) Hoppenbrouwers ( L (Leonie) Lindeman and HA (Erik) Proper ( : Institute for Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Abstract: This paper is part of an ongoing research effort to better understand the process of conceptual modeling. As part of this effort, we are currently developing a modeling laboratory named MoDial (Modeling Dialogues). The main contribution of this paper is a conceptual meta-model of that part of MoDial which aims to capture the elicitation aspects of the modeling process used in creating a model, rather than the model as such. The curent meta-model is the result of a two-stage research process. The first stage involves theoretical input from literature and earlier results. The second stage is concerned with (modest) empirical validation in terms of interviews with modeling experts.

Paper available from OTM Workshops 2006, LNCS 4278, pp. 1242-1252  Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg    

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