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pdf Giving Meaning to Enterprise Architectures: Architecture Principles with ORM & ORC

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Presentation of a paper by P. van Bommell, SJBA Hoppenbrouwers, HA (Erik) Proper, and Th. P. van der Weide  {P.vanBommell, E.Proper, S. Hoppenbrouwers, Th.P.vanderWeide}

Abstract: Formalization of architecture principles by means of ORM and Object-Role Calculus (ORC) is explored. After a discussion on reasons for formalizing such principles, and of the perceived relationship between principles and (business) rules, two exploratory example formalizations are presented and discussed. They concern architecture principles taken from The Open Group's Architecture Framework (TOGAF). It is argued that when using ORM and ORC for formal modeling of architecture principles, the underlying logical principles of the techniques may lead to better insight into the rational structure of the principles. Thus apart from achieving formalization, the quality of the principles as such can be improved.

Paper available from OTM Workshops 2006, LNCS 4278, pp.1138-1147  Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.      

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