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pdf P05: Promising Chance of Innovation for Conceptual Modeling in Commerzbank

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Abstract. Data modeling and database generation at Commerzbank1 is largely based on entity relationship modeling (ERM) using a central data dictionary from IBM introduced in 1984 and enriched in the following decades. The software used for ERM runs on a mainframe with a hierarchical database technology called IMS. Recent innovations give the important chance to begin a new generation of the dictionary functionality by focusing on three important points: costs, transparency and functionality. These points are addressed with NIAM 2007 2. It expresses all requirements mainly using concept definitions, facts and business rules in natural language accompanied with associated diagrams for fast reading. An increase in transparency and precision in running projects encourages the project teams to continue in this way.

Author: Mario Gutknecht Commerzbank, Germany

The original paper is available from Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science : LNCS 4805 , November 2007  


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