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ppt P01: A NIAM2007 Conceptual Analysis of the ISO and OMG MOF Four Layer Metadata Architectures

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Abstract. OMG and ISO gain more and more influence in IT by issuing standards to the world community. The better the quality and understandability of such standards the easier they get accepted. Important standards of ISO and OMG are based on the so-called classical framework for meta-modeling. In this paper we will use the NIAM2007 conceptual schema specification procedure or modeling processes to derive the layers of the metadata architecture. We propose to accept the outcome of logical reasoning as a solid basis for understanding.

Authors: Inge Lemmens, Maurice Nijssen, and Sjir Nijssen  PNA Group, Geerstraat 105, 6411 NP Heerlen, The Netherlands{inge.lemmens,maurice.nijssen,sjir.nijssen}


The original paper is available from Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science : LNCS 4805 , November 2007   

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