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Final Call for Papers International Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling (ORM 2008) - Updated 7 July Monterrey, Mexico November 12-14, 2008 Held in conjunction with OTM’08 (Nov 9-14)
Wed, Jul 2 2008 359 Download
File Size 41.2kB
This document lists the presentations that were given at the ORM Workshop in Monterrey, Mexico November 12-14 2008
Wed, Nov 19 2008 289 Download
File Size 40kB
Terry Halpin used these slides to open the ORM 2008 workshop in Monterrey, Mexico November 12-14.
Wed, Nov 19 2008 296 Download
File Size 741.1kB
Abstract: Process modelling initiatives generally develop their process models without much emphasis on data, burying their sequence of operations as a thread within a non-elementary process. More often...
Wed, Nov 19 2008 396 Download
File Size 4MB
Abstract : This paper provides formal semantics for an extension of the Object- Role Modeling approach that supports declaration of dynamic rules. Dynamic rules differ from static rules by pertaining to...
Fri, Nov 21 2008 329 Download
File Size 463.5kB
Abstract: This paper gives an introduction to the recently established OMG SBVR standard on business rules. This standard is a major step forward in improving the productivity of business rule- modelers...
Sun, Nov 23 2008 391 Download
File Size 261.5kB
Abstract. Enterprises launching IT development projects usually start off with establishing Use Cases or similar techniques to document functional requirements as a special directed effort. More often...
Sun, Nov 23 2008 374 Download
File Size 4.2MB
Abstract: This presentation covers the need to avoid redundant object references. It also shows how to avoid them. Author: Andy Carver: Neumont University
Sat, Nov 29 2008 327 Download
File Size 385.5kB
Abstract. Assume an ORM-diagram where there exist two (or more) paths from one entity type to another through a sequence of many-to-one binary facts. Here we may have a join-equality constraint saying...
Tue, Dec 2 2008 380 Download
File Size 804.6kB
Abstract. When designing and developing ontology based applications, we semantically ground them by ontologically committing the application rules to their respective domain. These rules can be, for instance...
Sat, Nov 29 2008 327 Download
File Size 266.9kB
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