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ppt P01 A Metamodel for Enabling a Service Oriented Architecture

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Abstract: Process modelling initiatives generally develop their process models without much emphasis on data, burying their sequence of operations as a thread within a non-elementary process. More often than not, these buried operations are elementary atomic reusable components. The resulting models are generally not flexible or sufficiently reusable, suffering from update anomalies and redundancies.


Addressing “service” as a major deliverable component, an ORM metamodel was developed in line with ISO 19763-5 Metamodel Framework for Interoperability: Metamodel for Process Model Registration, to harmonize atomic component processes using a control sequence and event models to enable the delivery of a totally flexible model set facilitating metamodel interoperability and cooperation between systems via their respective models.


The paper provides a limited ORM based review of ISO 19763-5, and uses underlying component processes to develop a metamodel for a deliverable Services Oriented Architecture containing control sequence models, event models, and bridges to associated data models or web services.


Baba Piprani SICOM, Canada

Chong Wang - State Key Lab. of Software Engineering, China

Keqing He  - Wuhan University, 430072, China


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