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Date Added: Fri, Oct 9 2009


9 October: This is the detailed schedule for the ORM 2009 workshop to be held in Vilamoura, Portugal, November 4-6 2009.


The ORM 2009 workshop has eighteen sessions that cover the following topics:


* Business Service and Process Modeling                        Chair: Terry Halpin 

* Conceptual Languages for Queries and Rules              Chair: Inge Lemmens

* Fact-Oriented Tools and Projects                                       Chair: Peter Bollen

* Sharing and Managing Business Semantics                  Chair:  Ken Evans

* Fact Type and Predicates                                                     Chair:  Matt Curland                            

* Standards and Initiatives                                                      Chair:  Herman Balsters

* Demonstrations of Fact-Oriented Modeling Tools          Chair: Serge Valera

* Industrial Case Studies and Tool Demonstrations        Chair: Baba Piprani

* Open Discussion on Future Initiatives                              Chairs: Terry Halpin and Herman Balsters 


This workshop will include presentations and discussions of the ORM project in the European Space Agency.





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