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pdf P: The Constellation Query Language

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The Constellation Query Language

*** Heath:  Data Constellation, Australia

Collaboration in modeling is essential to success, but ORM diagrams intimidate many business people, and most would never install an ORM modeling tool on their computers.

The Constellation Query Language (CQL) offers an alternative able to represent almost any ORM2 model in plain text using natural language, with the goal of supporting involvement by all parties through familiar tools including email and differential revision management.The free open source implementation includes robust mapping and code generation for both object-oriented and relational models. Being bootstrapped on a metamodel that is also expressed in the Constellation Query Languge, it forms the basis of a new generation of extensible tools for business requirements management, design and construction of databases and application software, and end-user query facilities.


LNCS 5872, p. 682 ff.

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